Read My Lips

“Read My Lips”

These words were spoken by former President George H. Bush when he promised no new taxes on the American people. This was a promise he later broke, which became a rallying cry for the American people to repeal and replace him in the next election.

“Read my lips” echoed in my mind as I watched President Trump lay blame at the feet of the only members of congress who refused to break their campaign promise to fully repeal Obamacare.  President Trump doesn’t realize it now, but those 40 men and women just saved his presidency from a fate similar to that of President Bush.

President Trump’s “read my lips” moment came September 17, 2015, while in New Hampshire at a rally, where he declared with much passion and conviction, “We’re going to end, terminate, repeal Obamacare and replace it with something really, really great that works.”

AHCA did not “end” nor “terminate” Obamacare, and it most certainly wasn’t something that was going to work “really, really great.”

Had this bill passed, President Trump would have turned his back on the very people who elected him into office, and in 2018, he and hundreds of GOP candidates would have to explain their “read my lips” moment to millions of passionate voters.

Former President Obama believed that government had a right to penalize Americans who didn’t buy services from BIG corporations, something AHCA mandated as well.  Obama believed that if you went to McDonalds and purchased a Big Mac then he had a right to force you to buy a coke, fries and a shake as well, just to add profit to McDonald’s shareholders.  President Trump’s AHCA also followed suit by keeping Obama’s Essentials Health Benefits intact, which, among other things, mandated that men must purchase maternity care, regardless of their inability to produce a biological human being from their loins.

Instead of taking the political capital handed to him from Obama’s legacy-ending election and keeping to his campaign promise of terminating Obamacare, President Trump allowed Speaker Ryan to run to the hardware store and buy a big plug to stop the swamp from draining.

President Trump promised everyone who voted for him that he would repeal and replace Obamacare with something “that works.”  AHCA didn’t fail because Freedom Caucus, Heritage Action or The Club for Growth stood by their principles and refused to go along with the very people who built the swamp Trump promised to drain.  AHCA failed because candidates, such as Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida, who came to D.C. to “bury Obamacare,” chose to change the bill’s name rather than bury it and replace it with something “that works.”

President Trump has the opportunity to become one of the greatest Presidents to walk the halls of the White House.  But that greatness will always start and end with keeping his promise to the American people.