Sample Bill



An Act to Prevent Further Discrimination Against Female Citizens by
Federal, State, and Local governments

Whereas the American people have recognized the dignity of female citizens and their need to utilize private facilities free of fear from sharing such facilities with male citizens since 1776, Whereas The Constitution does not grant a man the right to tell women they must give up this right of privacy, Whereas an American is sexually assaulted every 98 seconds, Whereas grown men have no right to visually molest little girls in private facilities,  Whereas no boys have the right to see girls showering in public facilities, Whereas previously sexually assaulted female citizens would endure further emotional stress when seeing males enter into their facilities while partially undressed, Whereas a man’s choice does not end a woman’s right…

Be it hereby enacted by the People of The United States:

Section 1: States shall provide for the protection of their female citizenry by not allowing governments and businesses to grant “special” rights to male citizens to enter female only facilities.

Section 2: States may provide gender-neutral restrooms as it deems necessary but is not required to by the enactment of this bill.

Section 3: No publicly funded educational organization may enter into contractual agreements with the NCAA until they rescind their discriminatory policies against female students.

Section 4: No state may offer tax credits or bonds to build or enhance new sports facilities for the NBA or the NFL until these organizations withdraw their boycotts on America’s female population.

Section 5:  No law shall be created to demand women go sit in the back of the bus and give up their rights to bathroom privacy simply because a man said so.

Section 6:  No person, government or business may use the invented right of sexual orientation protection as a means to deny females their civil rights of dignity.


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The purpose of this sample bill is to encourage legislators across the country to incorporate elements of this bill into their own.  The preamble was written to convey ideas of equality, historical precedence, rights of dignity and to showcase elements that would make it difficult for Democrats to vote against.

Democrats are arguing that men have “special” rights over women and only by highlighting that contrast will conservatives have easier election victories in 2018.

America’s CEO’s are currently boycotting, or threatening to boycott, women’s rights in certain states in an attempt to give men those special rights.  By publicly declaring that the NFL, NCAA, and the NBA are actually boycotting women, and not specific laws, conservatives will help garner public support for their legislative goals.