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To Remind Republicans That We Took Their Campaign Promises To Heart

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Republicans Promised To Take Action

The Conservative Pledge

I pledge to REPEAL AND REPLACE any Republican who refuses to REPEAL AND REPLACE Obamacare.

I pledge to REMOVE candidates out of office who refuse to REMOVE men out of women’s restrooms.

I pledge to FUND candidates who will vote to permanently DEFUND Planned Parenthood.

I pledge to SUPPORT candidates who will SUPPORT AND DEFEND all of our constitutional rights.

I pledge to GIVE at least $20 to five conservative candidates (total of $100) for the 2018 primaries.


No REPUBLICAN or DEMOCRAT has the right to force the middle-class citizen to pay more for health insurance just so they can give it away to others for free.

No REPUBLICAN has the right to force corporations to fine Americans for not buying their products in previous years.

No DEMOCRAT has the right to tell a woman that she must get up and go sit in the back of the bus and give up her rights to bathroom privacy simply because a man said so.

NO MAN has the right to enter into a little girl’s restroom and visually molest her.

ONLY GOD can create life and NO CITIZEN has the right to abort another citizen’s life for the sake of convenience.


  • Listen To The Short Audio Strategy

  • $150m In Pledges Will Give Conservatives A STRONG Voice

  • 100% Of Your Pledge Goes Directly To Candidates of your choosing

  • Influences Legislation NOW Not After The Next Election

The Pledge

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